Game initialisation


The Game Creation

January 27th 2015

                Game creation. Added blocks, players, and portals.
                Bug 1

Alpha. Early stage of game development.

0.1.0 alpha

The Difficulty Update

January 31st 2015

                Added enemies and spikes. More levels. Added health bar and death alert.
                Bugs 2, 3

0.1.1 alpha

February 1st 2015

                One extra difficult level.

0.1.2 alpha

February 1st 2015

                Fixed bug 3.
                Bug 5

0.1.3 alpha

February 2nd 2015

                Fixed bug 4.

0.2.0 alpha

The Money Update

February 8th 2015

                Added coins. You can keep these coins even after you click "refresh"! Added upgrades. You now don't go straight on to the next level after you finished a level, but you are notified which level you passed and how many coins you got. You have the option to go to the next level or to go to the main menu. Pressing "Play" in the main menu will not make you start from level 1 (unless you finished all the levels or you just started) Added splash text. Fixed bug 2. New level!

0.3.0 alpha

The Gameplay Update

February 16th 2015

                New levels! Added aliens. You can buy steel shields and swords! Added water, lava, falling blocks and shooters. When there is something new, there is a tutorial to explain it. Added new keyboard shortcut! Changed text size. Fixed bug 6.

0.3.1 alpha

February 16th 2015

                Added 1 extra level.

0.3.2 alpha

February 17th 2015

                Fixed bug 7.
                Bugs 8, 9, 10

0.3.3 alpha

February 17th 2015

                Fixed bug 10.

0.3.4 alpha

February 17th 2015

                Fixed bugs 8 and 9.

0.4.0 alpha

The Higher Update

February 20th 2015

                You can buy boots and helmets! Added treasure chests. Added trap coins, fake blocks, invisible blocks, explosive blocks, doors, and dynamite blocks.

0.4.1 alpha

February 21st 2015

                Fixed bug 11. Boots and helmets now can damage monsters.

0.5.0 alpha

The Happy Update

March 11th 2015

                Added buttons. Added bouncer blocks. Added healing blocks. Fixed bug 12. Partially fixed bug 1! Phew! Enemy AI is now tougher! They can jump and swim in water! Because of the enhanced AI, the second final level has become almost impossible. So we added healing blocks into the level. Added a new level!

0.5.1 alpha

March 15th 2015

                Done some little things with the camera.

0.6.0 alpha

The Cool Update (RELEASE)

August 28th 2015

                Fixed 1 and 5. Added description for treasure chests. Improved accuracy of shooters. Added music, background and new levels. Improved inventory interface. (That was quite alliterative!) Most enemies (except lvl 1 monsters) have smarter AI. Due to that, some monsters' numbers have been reduced. Added a boss level. With a boss that shoots tracking explosive bombs. The boss can also suffocate you.
                When the boss dies it summons 2 mini-bosses. The mini-bosses in turn summon 2 lvl 2 monsters and a pirate when they die.
                Bugs 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

0.7.0 alpha

The Colour Update

October 5th 2015

                Fixed bugs 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17. Improved player look. Added unlockable skins! Added autosave! Added death animation for player. Added level packs (and more levels). Added buttons and areas (including zero-gravity areas.) Added horizontal gravity!

Beta. Intermediate stage of game development.

0.1.0 beta

The Space Update

March 7th 2016

                Added thick shields, titanium tools, and diamond tools. Added space. Added space gems. Added gold. You can pause the game. Boss health is displayed on the right of the screen. Added two new packs. Added texture packs (you can't create custom ones YET). Fixed a whole load of micro-bugs (glitches). Attacks are now done manually using the space key. Fixed bugs 18, 19, and 20.

0.1.1 beta

The Compatibility Update

March 19th 2016

                Compatibility for Safari and Firefox! Added a drowning meter. Added a new splash. Made the player model slightly smaller, which makes you go through one-block gaps! Tweaked a very long level and made it optional.

0.2.0 beta

The Level Update

May 16th 2016

                Added the ability to change the pitch of the music. Added some sound effects! Added NIGHTMARE mode. Tweaked a few levels. Removed inventory. Added colour filters. Allowed custom texture packs! Expanded space.

0.3.0 beta

The Space Update 2

July 23rd 2016

                Added obsidian and emeralds. Fixed bugs 21, 22, and 23. Changed the camera slightly. Added three more space upgrades. Added the space dragon level. Added armour.
                Bug 24

0.4.0 beta

The Lab-ly Update

2016 TODO

                Added the Lab. Added potions. Added mushrooms. Added ghostly death animation for nightmare mode. Some skins have special powers. Added three more space upgrades. Added packs 6-9.

0.5.0 beta

The Minigame Update

2016 TODO

                Added minigames. Added achievements. Some achievements allow you to unlock new player skins! Added attack animation (more alliteration!) for player, monsters, and shooters. When bullets hit the player, they explode. Added stopwatch mode. Added hardcore mode.

0.6.0 beta

The Combat Update

2016-2017 TODO

                Added bounce-back shields. You can upgrade your weapons, shields, boots and helmets. Added long range weapons. Added rocket boots, which can make you fly!
                Added friends, which do the opposite of enemies (monsters, ghosts and aliens) The friends, if not near the player, will fight monsters and if near the player, defends the player.
                You can now press the shift key to squeeze yourself.

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  • @theawesomenerd made everything in this game.