Bug Bug id First spotted Fixed Reason why the bug occurs How to fix it / how I fixed it
You can go inside blocks from sideways. As a result, you can climb walls. 1 Game Creation Partially on The Happy Update, and fully on The Cool Update. No "bounce-back" at wall collision at the side. "Bounce-back", however side "bounce-back" had caused further bugs of rushing through blocks :P Changed the collision system.
You can jump mid-air 2 The Difficulty Update The Money Update If game.player.jumping is false and the up key is pressed, you jump. If no blocks are supporting you, set game.player.jumping to true.
If you are sitting on a spike you will only take damage once. 3 The Difficulty Update 0.1.2 alpha When colliding, you "bounce-back" above the object and not on it.
This is used to effortlessly move on blocks, but on spikes being above the object doesn't count as being "on" the block.
Place player "on" instead of "above" the block. However this also causes 2059D7.
If you increase the canvas size, you see the blocks when more than 800 pixels away from them but not some other things. 4 The Difficulty Update 0.1.3 alpha Some draw functions are independent of view.w and view.h. If view.w or view.h is equal to 0, don't return anything.
If you are sitting on a spike you cannot move sideways. 5 0.1.2 alpha The Cool Update If you are "on" something and not "above" it, you cannot move sideways. Also caused by fixing C83297. Changed collision algorithm
Monsters can climb walls and can go through blocks. 6 The Money Update The Gameplay Update This bug occurred to players before. Fix it in the same way we fixed the same issue for players.
Monsters are not affected by spikes 7 The Money Update 0.3.2 alpha No checking for collision with spikes Implement it. Additionally, if it is not a ghost, it will take damage.
The player and monsters can move in lava and water while they are dead. 8 0.3.2 alpha 0.3.4 alpha Not checking if you are dead! Check if you are dead!
Monsters' eyes move even if they are dead. 9 0.3.2 alpha 0.3.4 alpha It doesn't check if the monster is dead! If the monster is dead, don't move its eyes!
You can't move up in water, on the other hand monster can if you press the up arrow key 10 0.3.2 alpha 0.3.3 alpha Mistake! Fix it!
Monsters are not affected by some blocks. 11 The Higher Update 0.4.1 alpha Unimplementation Implement it! Check collisions.
You sometimes slow down in mid-air. 12 The Higher Update The Happy Update Probably related to monsters. No idea!
Of multiple entities in / on a single damage source, only the first entity is damaged. (Eg monsters in lava, on spikes) 13 The Cool Update The Colour Update When the first takes damage, the damage cooldown is set. If entity is touching, set cooldown afterwards.
Dynamite blocks don't refresh after finishing level. 14 The Cool Update The Colour Update Forgot to reset them like every other block. Reset dynamite blocks.
You don't take damage from spikes from the side. 15 The Cool Update The Colour Update Haven't checked for spike collision on side in new collision system Check for side collisions
You can enter bouncer blocks from the side, into them! 16 The Cool Update The Colour Update Haven't checked for bouncer collision on side in new collision system Check for side collisions: if found, rebounce.
Monsters don't get enough damage from spikes 17 The Cool Update The Colour Update Accidentally multiplied monster damage with player's deflection. Remove the code.
Sometimes a player / monster doesn't get damage 18 The Colour Update The Space Update After the monster hits the spike, it goes on cooldown. After that, the player touchs Have an id for monsters and players, so spike cooldown only affects that monster / player
Player strike only happens when monsters strike. 19 The Colour Update The Space Update I checked for striking only inside an if of monster striking Fix it!
Helmet and boots deflection are reversed 20 The Colour Update The Space Update Mistake! Put them in the correct order.
Death UFOs appear while paused or dead 21 The Level Update The Space Update 2 Death UFOs appearing doesn't check for "drawOnly" Put the check for "drawOnly"
Custom textures don't work 22 The Level Update The Space Update 2 The last index has been replaced by "Nightmare" texture. Change index to second-last element.
You can attack dead monsters 23 The Level Update The Space Update 2 It forgot to break on dead monster. Break on dead monster!
360 defensive shooters sometimes only shoot one bullet 24 The Level Update Not yet Unknown Unresolved

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